Tuesday, May 17, 2011



  1. I disagree with your answer on g. I got 37.2 hours. I don't know if my number is right, but I do know that it cant be 5.9 hours because it cant take less than one 1/2 life for 7/8th of a sample to decay

  2. Good job on your review. It was a lot of help, but I got Mn on the first question because the atomic# is 25 not 55.

  3. Great job Puja! On g I got 37.4 hours which is pretty much the same as Sahil, just a difference in sig figs. I solved it differently. I solved for the time it took divided by .52 (the time of its half life but in days) to equal 3 (since is is 7/8, the denominatior is 2^3 so their are 3 half lives).